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WordPress on is Live, as You May Have Observed

Most of what I spent my time on was making it pretty. I’m not a graphic designer, but I think it looks pretty good.

My only real annoyance with WordPress is the Gravatar nonsense – it’s a third party service used to have a pretty picture in your profile. I get that it offers users the ability to have the same picture on any WordPress site they comment on, but for those of us who don’t care, would it be so bad to be able to upload a profile picture locally?

Ten seconds of Googling revealed a couple plugins that will do that, but then you have to trust an internet stranger (no disrespect to the author or plugin intended) or invest time into reviewing the code yourself.

While I was pulling down a new version of master, I was getting a key error. Apparently my public key wasn’t in authorized_keys. Fortunately the error messages were pretty good, so I was able to deduce the cause of the problem in just a couple minutes.

This Site

Hello World!

I am starting a blog to describe my tech ventures. I’m at a contract position. After it ends, I may be in a position to have to impress people. So I shall track my nerd stuff in hopes that someone is looking for a nerd just like me.