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Guild Mortgage / Senior Software Engineer

UCSD / Developer (Contract)
OCTOBER 2019 – JUNE 2020

Worked in a Docker container to develop pages in PHP that served thousands of faculty, staff and graduate students. Some code was written in a custom framework. The rest were written in an off-the-shelf solution. Some of the pages were generated using DustJS.

Mor Furniture / Developer (Contract)
MAY 2018 – APRIL 2019

I modified the PHP/Ngnx-powered e-commerce platform that powered, the most visible of which allows the addition of an Add to Cart button a user-generated page. I wrote reports to find unused products and images.

I also took over the process by which code goes live. We used Git to push the latest version to production. I was in charge of documenting our processes as they were developed. I kept detailed release notes indicating what went out and when.

Jerome’s Furniture Warehouse / Development Manager
APRIL 2013 – APRIL 2018

Hired as Lead Developer, I was tasked with provisioning a small cluster of Linux servers that would be used to serve various business applications built on JDA, a point-of-sale software that is powered by Oracle.

I then wrote all of the code to move the company from their existing ASP.NET code base to Apache, Oracle and PHP, saving the company costly Microsoft licensing fees. The company was averse to dependency on third-party code, so I wrote a completely new framework.

When I arrived, there was no API to communicate with external services. I put together the basic parts and wrote scripts to interact with many outside services including Yotpo, Bronto, Prodco and DTL.

We spun up a server on Google Butt on which I configured MySQL using the command line. I worked with our Oracle developer to make sure the database tables would work well together.

My framework was expanded to underpin a custom-developed point-of-sale application. I aided in interviewing and selecting the team of PHP developers to support and maintain the tools we had built. We assembled a team of 13 to create an API to support a tablet app. After leading such a large team, I was promoted to Development Manager.

KJ Coop Web Development / Owner and Developer
JULY 2011 – JULY 2013

I supported a variety of clients creating websites using custom and pre-existing software (mostly WordPress) on a LAMP stack. Among other things, I was system administrator for a batch of about a dozen Linux servers on AWS. Additionally, I managed a team of about 5 overseas developers to assist on the aforementioned servers.

Tech 4 Learning / Web Developer
JANUARY 2010 – JULY 2011

Worked on the PHP/MySQL portion of two web-based products, K12Share and Wixie.

Created interfaces for schools and school districts to manage their teachers’ and students’ web accounts. Some system administration. On-call for server emergencies.

Zoom Creates / Web Developer
OCTOBER 2006 – JUNE 2008

Created functional web pages in HTML/CSS from Photoshop images; validated and tested across multiple browsers. Developed custom solutions in PHP/MySQL.

Automated repetitive tasks with Bash or Perl. Installed and customized many open source projects including osCommerce, MODx and phplist.


Javascript for Programmers, Foothill College, Spring 2020

Zend Framework Fundamentals, Zend by Perforce, May 2018

Awarded highest honors on English Portfolio at Humboldt State University, letter from President Richmond, Spring 2004

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